“Siri treated me at the Prana festival 2009/2010 as a massage therapist. She used essential oils and applied her healing energy to my weak chakras. After an in depth consultation at the beginning of the session she mixed a blend of massage oil and explained the procedure. After the massage I felt in absolutely bliss, mentally and physically very relaxed. I slept incredibly well and booked myself in for another treatment.
I can highly recommend Siri as massage therapist who also has deep knowledge in Aromatherapy. She mixed a female and male essential oil blend for personal use and as a gift for friends. I had to ask Siri for the recipe since everyone who used it loved the effect. “

(Sarita Blankenburg, Founder of Ayurveda NZ & Yoga Teacher)

“Straight after the massage I felt very relaxed, and more in the body and heart, compared say to mind and energy. My normal sleeping pattern is to stay up

quite late but that night I went early to bed and slept like a log on sleeping tablets.
The next day I felt very in the body, clear and centered.
I noticed the detox effect from the massage (and the oils) and had an emotional release.
Siri succeeded in “evening out” my energy levels (well done!)

On a subtler level I felt a kind of “fullness” to my feeling of myself.”

(Hoop Arkwright, Astrologer)

“After the aromatherapy massage I felt relaxed, more at ease, more at peace persisted thru the day. Liked the feel of the oils on the skin.Slept really deeply – even more than usual. Found it easy to enter and more delicious sense of oneness. Have felt this before but know the seesion helped me enter the space. Experienced an increased awareness of my body.

In the afternnon on wed went to a funeral and interestingly enough felt powerful and aware of the possibility of accessing the potential and possibilities within me.

I do believe in the power of connscious touch more and more.

You are just a miracle worker that’s all.”

(Roland Young, Auckland NZ)

”I felt much lighter in my body after I left the session and was able to go to work and get things done and leave my worries behind. My body felt light, looser and relaxed and I was more grounded in it which is what we had talked about before the massage. The patch of dry skin on the palm of my hand that I associate with stress is nearly gone.

I have slept extremely well since. Going immediately to sleep rather than lying there thinking for a while which I had begun to do prior to the massage. I noticed my thirst had increased and found myself drinking more water- which is something I know I need to do.

Felt really positive, happy and motivated to envisage and plan some things about my future. I felt really set up to embrace a shift of emotion and feel re-energised about the present.

Thank you! It was a most delicious experience!”

(Angie Richardson, Creative Arts Therapist)

“Again thank you for the class – it’s s good to be with beautiful teachers and people that live and believe in what they do.”

(Jay, AcroYoga Teacher, NZ)


“Siri’s yoga class is very pleasant and goes very deep. She holds the session well. I feel good and balanced after the practice. And if that is not enough, a healthy smoothie to send you off to your day is the real deal!”

(Edna, Artist, NZ)