Traditional Tantra Yoga

Poetry for your body

Every Monday 6.30 -8pm

The Lifewise Hub, 453b Karanagahape Road, Auckland

ONLY $10 for unwaged — $15 for waged — Invite your friends here !

Please email
or txt 021 23 23739
All welcome / Suitable for all levels !

Tri Dosha Balancing Asana Series work on balancing the whole body based on the ayurvedic principle of the three doshas. When balancing the doshas you regulate the hormones and nervous system. When those are regulated we can experience positive changes in our physical, emotional and mental reality.
Classes are designed to maintain health and elevate positive physical experience. Postures focus attention on what feels right in the body and cultivate deep relaxation and meditation within the postures.

Practice gives participants the opportunity to listen to their own body. Most of the series is done lying on the floor, pranayama is integrated into the practice – nurturing a freer flow of prana through the asanas and the breath. The eyes are closed most of the time- encouraging letting go of the need for external approval and comparison. Session concludes with a Tantric smiling meditation allowing you to connect with your true self.

Classes suitable for all levels.
Multi-class passes available.

Siri and Gus have a lifelong love for yoga. They did their training in India at Shri Kali Ashram dedicated to teach Tantra in the classical tradition based on the knowledge from the Vedas.

Tantra Yoga – Yoga You Will Love!