Parent Testimonials:

“Thank you so so much Siri!! We are just having brekky now after a few hours rest. I did not realize how quickly she would actually arrive… 1.55am-.less than an hour after getting here. Everything went so so well, calm, peaceful water birth for a gorgeous baby girl 8.2lbs. I coped so well at home and at Centre using relaxation breathing and then birthing breathing to breathe her out. I also used visualizations throughout. For introducing me to hypnobirthing I seriously cannot thank you enough xxxx” 

“We enjoyed the course very much. It has opened our minds to a different thinking when it comes to birthing and we are eager to try our own abilities. We think that Siri explained things very well and allowed for different opinions. It was also great to share different thoughts and experiences with other participants. It has strengthened my courage to really trust my body. Gösta never thought about this before, but the course made him aware that the birthing experience is the experience of both parents. He thought that wasn´t not much for him to do but support but now he knows that him being active and doing the “right” things can make things easier for the other. He is now even more involved and we both look forward and plan together for our experience of birth”

HypnoBirthing® gave me a most priceless gift—a childbirth experience that was free of fear.”

Nothing can describe the beauty of our birthing experience with HypnoBirthing®. I never dreamed after having two children with another method that I could have so easy a labor.”

Our daughter came into this world so much easier than either of us could have hoped for. With Godspeed, keep up the good work of HypnoBirthing®.”

The nurses said they had never seen a woman so calm, yet so strong. They couldn’t put the HypnoBirthing® book down.”


Medical Testimonials:

This is the way all babies should come into the world. It’s beautiful. Keep up the good work.”

I’m a labor and delivery nurse. I work in the field of obstetrics every day. I can hardly believe my eyes as I watch HypnoBirthing®

mothers in labor. It’s amazing!”

Several of my patients have used HypnoBirthing®. The result: little or no medication and yet, a calm and more comfortable mother.”

I’ve been delivering babies for twenty years, and I’ve never seen anything like this method. It’s incredible.”


“My dream is that every woman,

everywhere, will know the joy of a safe, satisfying birth for both her baby and herself

—one she’ll not need to forget.”

Marie F. Mongan, 1999