Birth in Bliss Preparation Retreat

Birth in Bliss

-A Preparation Retreat-

banner_pregnancy_retreatThe BodyTree offers you and your partner a package that will truly give you the space to connect with each-other and your baby. Learn the full HypnoBirthing® course, bond, relax and love yourself up with yumminess over these two weekends.

For an easier and more comfortable birth.

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To give the relationship between you and the baby the best possible start.

The whole syllabus of HypnoBirthing®, The Mongan Method, will be taught over 2 weekend get-aways at beautiful Te Henga Studios. Giving you and your partner an in-depth understanding of the physiologic process of birth as well as prepare you to have a more comfortable and positive birthing experience. A birthing experience you deserve. We aim to empower you to make informed decisions about the birth, and give you methods such as breathing, massage and visualizations tools that assist you to go into the deepest place of relaxation that you have ever felt.
So that your body can do what it was made to do – give birth naturally.

Feeling safe and supported.

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If you live too far away, can´t fit in the 5 weekly classes, or simply just want to nourish you body, mind and soul, dedicating this precious time to truly bond with your baby and each-other, then this opportunity is for you.

All inclusive package includes:

Two weekends (Friday-Sunday) accommodation,
3 meals + morning and afternoon tea.
Full HypnoBirthing® course, all course material provided, pregnancy yoga classes with program to take home, 2 x aromatherapy massages,  a bottle of  Divine Pregnancy massage oil,  post-natal ayurvedic nutrition advice, screening of the movie “Microbirth”.

Time to be.

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Packages can be tailored to suit your needs.